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High time we put the last man first

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The problem with govt’s poverty line

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Will Antonio Guterres bring the UN out from its NGO mode?

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Diagnosis, Treatment & Awareness – Taking the Fight against TB to over 300 Districts of India

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A magic bullet to reduce poverty?

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Why global TB programme needs more civil society involvement

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Sound the alarm: India is failing the 'End-TB' strategy on all counts

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Centre must ensure it picks up tab for all poor

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Tackling food security in India during pandemic

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Expert urges innovations in tobacco control ( The Asia Times)

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13 September, 2020
Request to Hon. Member of Parliament to Stand with most exploited women beedi rollers and ask following questions to government - AF Development Care (AFDC) would like to request Hon. Members of Parliament to raise following important questions to Ministry of Health , Ministry of Labour and Employment


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