Gender-based violence (GBV) is an epidemic that thrives all the more during emergencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant spike in domestic violence, as women during lockdown are confined for extended periods of time with their abusers and are unable to access support services.

Although several policies, legislation and programmes for GBV prevention and the provision of response services have been put in place in Nepal, and there are encouraging signs of progress, much more needs to be done to end this scourge. This includes challenging social norms that value men and boys over women and girls and perpetuate discriminatory practices and violence against women and girls.

In view of this, Women Foundation for Nepal, that seeks to reduce gender-based violence and discrimination against women and girls in Nepal's two provinces in coordination with the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen (MoWCSC) and relevant provincial and local authorities, takes up an end line evaluation with AFDC as a technical lead of this project.

We maintain academic standards towards sampling methodologies, in complex and challenging contexts. Our research teams are trained to implement advanced sampling strategies, including standard stratified sampling

Research Endorsement

Dr. Bibek Debroy, Chairman of the PM's Economic Council, India Writes Foreword for AFDC Research Report


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